I provide individual and group psychodynamic supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists.

My aim is to help the supervisee develop his or her strengths and to reflect upon how the internal world of the patient is experienced by the therapist.

To quote Weiner, Mizen and Duckham (Supervising and Being Supervised, Palgrave Macmillan, 2003), the aim of supervision can be summarised as follows:-

“To facilitate, encourage and inform analytic work with patients, supporting the individuation and analytic attitude of the (trainee) analyst throughout his or her professional life;To attend to the dynamics of the supervisory relationship including the role of the organisation and any specific issues arising from the context of the work;
To ensure that the supervisee is practising competently and ethically and, in the case of trainees, evaluating the stage of development reached;
To maintain the good reputation of the profession as a whole by giving attention to professional standards and clinical governance.”